‘Crime wave’ of stolen cars in Richmond’s North & East neighborhood

Richmond police name hotspots for car theft in city

Police are asking residents of Richmond’s North & East neighborhood to be vigilant following a recent rash of car thefts.

Cars are being stolen in the middle of the night and reported to police in the morning, Officer John Lopez said at Wednesday’s North & East neighborhood meeting.

Lopez believes the theft spree is connected to another unfortunate trend: Cars stolen from Oakland are being dropped off in North & East and surrounding neighborhoods.

“To me…it’s probably a group guys doing this and going back and forth,” Lopez said.

Lopez encouraged residents to roll up their car windows, lock the doors and to report any suspicious people or activity in their neighborhoods.

“Vehicle theft is pretty much on the rise [all over town],” Lopez said. “There’s been a lot in North & East, so be very mindful of that.”