Richmond police warning residents following armed robberies Tuesday

23rd Street fight turns fatal

Richmond police are warning residents following several armed robberies in the city Tuesday night.

At least three armed robberies occurred about 11 p.m. Tuesday, and some if not all were likely committed by the same revolver-toting suspects, Officer John Lopez told residents at a North & East Neighborhood Council meeting Wednesday.

Victims were reportedly targeted in the area of 23rd Street and Clinton Avenue and also near the Super Churros at 23rd and Lincoln Avenue. Around the same time, Lopez said, another robbery occurred several blocks away at Ninth Street and Ripley Avenue.

In one of the incidents, suspects wearing black-hooded sweatshirts and armed with a revolver targeted “Hispanics sitting in a parking lot minding their own business,” the officer said.

“They got robbed at gunpoint of whatever they had,” he added.

The victims told police they could identify the suspects if they saw them again, offering hope that police will be able to identify them.