El Sobrante’s Nerd Crossing honored as small business of year

El Sobrante's Nerd Crossing was honored last week with a small business award.
James Hammock (middle), owner of Nerd Crossing, takes pride in giving back to the community his business serves.

Jim Hammack, the founder of popular El Sobrante computer repair and web and marketing services company, Nerd Crossing, proudly wears a name tag stating his title as “Owner and Chief Nerd.”

But what Hammack is most proud of is helping the community through his business, which was recently honored as the Richmond Chamber of Commerce’s small business of the year.

Nerd Crossing responds to calls for IT support at homes and businesses, provides in-house IT services and also offers web design and marketing services.

The business has made giving back to the communities it serves a central mission. It supports such organizations as the El Sobrante Boys & Girls Club, Richmond Community Foundation and Bay Area Rescue Mission, among many others, through donations, sponsorships and other means.

Hammack is actively involved with the local and regional Boys & Girls Club movement. He said he started Nerd Crossing in 2011 with a focus on positive community involvement and social responsibility.

“We are your local, friendly neighborhood nerds,” Hammack said. “Everybody needs to have a local nerd around.”

Check out this conversation the Richmond Chamber recently had with Hammock for more insight into Nerd Crossing. And remember to support your local small businesses.