Survival of homeless man in Richmond who lost wife and two children inspires

Bay Area Rescue Mission to graduate formerly homeless who completed program
Photo courtesy of Bay Area Rescue Mission Facebook page

A man who was living on Richmond’s streets before he sought help from the Bay Area Rescue Mission will make you think twice about the causes of homelessness.

The man, identified only as Jake, told his story Tuesday about becoming an addict and living on Richmond’s streets after losing both his 22-year-old daughter and wife to cancer within a two-year period.

Eventually someone told Jake about the Richmond-based Bay Area Rescue Mission, which provides a wide variety of services to the region’s homeless.

“It was lifesaving,” he said.

But Jake’s struggles did not end there. As soon as his life took a significant turn for the better, he lost his son to a drug overdose.

“I really appreciated the Rescue Mission,” he said. “The chaplains were there for me – without them, I don’t think I would’ve made it.”

Jake graduated from the Bay Area Rescue Mission program in January. Today, he serves as a senior coordinator in the nonprofit’s recovery program and takes great pride in helping others.

 “I hope by hearing my story, people will take it to heart that you can overcome anything,” he said.

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