DeJean Middle School students brag about award-winning teacher Adam Quintero

DeJean Middle School students bragged in this YouTube video about their award-winning teacher, Adam Quintero
Award-winning Dejean Middle School teacher Adam Quintero

We could tell you that Richmond’s Lovonya DeJean Middle School is lucky to have Adam Quintero as a teacher, but we’re betting you’d rather hear it from his students.

Last month, Quintero, who teaches eighth grade science and seventh grade leadership at DeJean, was honored with a Teaching Excellence Award at the Ed Fund’s 26th Annual Celebration at Craneway Pavilion May 16.

On Wednesday, the Ed Fund released a video featuring students who shared their opinions about the young teacher.

The last student to comment in the video perhaps summarized Quintero best, describing the teacher as “fun, educated, smart, strict, and a loving, kind person.”

Quintero is also interviewed in the the video on why he loves to teach.

“I think what I love the most is actually just being with the kids,” he said. “I like those ah ha moments; I like opening up their eyes to new and different things, especially issues that are going on around the world. I like them to have a really global perspective on education and other issues.”