East Bay Regional Park District unveils clever new water conservation sign


The East Bay Regional Park District unveiled a new sign apologizing to park goers for grass areas that are browner than usual.

The “Brown is the new green” sign is part of the district’s effort to achieve water conservation goals in light of the state’s ongoing drought conditions.

Despite the April rains, the district said drought conditions are still a big concern and have affected operations of its 65 parks in Contra Costa and Alameda counties.

“We are conserving water and implementing water-saving strategies in parks throughout the two counties.” Park District Acting Operations Chief Mark Ragatz said in a statement last week.

Reduction in turf irrigation is one of the main strategies in which the park district is hoping to achieve the 20-percent reduction in water use that was suggested by Gov. Jerry Brown.

“We have always implemented water-saving measures, including quick repair to waterline breaks and leaks, and the installation of water-saving devices in our facilities (low-flow toilets, waterless urinals, etc),” Ragatz said. “These measures combined with voluntary conservation on the part of the district and park visitors are how the district is meeting its commitment to water conservation.”

More meetings will be held in the near future to explore additional water conservation strategies should the drought continue into winter, the district said.

Check the park district’s website for more information.