May 28, 2014
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Richmond’s young people can be so clever and inspiring.

Meet Richmond resident and college student Yaquelin Valencia Lombera. While her family endures a financial crisis, Lombera is doing all that she can to turn things around, including working part time while attending community college full time.

Unfortunately, Lombera cannot afford useful trainings that can help prepare her for extended education and future opportunities in leadership positions. Rather than giving up on her dream, Lombera has taken to the Internet to ask her community to invest in her.

Lombera said she intends use the skills she gains through education and experiences to improve her community.

Check out her post on, where she is asking for some $950 to attend a “leadership and momentum” training in New York. Just 14 hours after her post was published, Lombera had raised $368 from six donors. Could website platforms like ultimately spell an end to the lemonade stand? Probably not, but it can obviously be an effective way to raise funds.

“I am very passionate about social justice and I want to be able to continue giving back to the community that I grew up in,” Lombrera stated on the site. “Over the past years I’ve attended several other trainings and even worked as a community organizer in Modesto.”

Lombrera tells donors she would provide more information about the training if requested.

“I would greatly appreciate any contribution,” she said.


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