Proposed Richmond shoreline art installation faces City Council vote

Richmond shoreline might soon get sleek new 20-foot sculpture resembling giant blades of eelgrass.
"Changing Tides" by Richmond's Reed Madden Designs

A proposal for a sleek art installation on the Richmond shoreline is facing a City Council vote Tuesday.

The proposed public artwork, “Changing Tide,” could be built at the very end of Harbour Way at Point Sheridan in early 2015.

The artwork includes sleek 20-foot-tall metal stalks that capture solar energy and emit L.E.D. lights in more than 100 colors. The design, created by sculptors Jennifer Madden and Jeff Reed of Richmond-based Reed Madden Designs, was chosen by city officials among 92 artist applicants.

To learn more about the artwork and to see more photos of the design, visit the Richmond Standard‘s early story on this topic here.