Pink Panthers, ACE and Camaleones prevail in Adult League volleyball

WCCUSD sports schedule for this week includes postseason volleyball, football

Playoffs take place next week in the City of Richmond’s Adult Volleyball League, but first check out the results of this past week’s games.

Fresh off a victory over Camaleones last week, Richmond Recreation had their hands full in their match against the Pink Panthers Wednesday. The way Game 1 began — a spike from Richmond Rec’s Melissa that landed on the line but was called out — seemed to foreshadow the Pink Panthers’ eventual win in three games.

The first game was close throughout, and it appeared Richmond Rec had assumed control after a Kia spike halted a Pink Panthers run. But the Pink Panthers would surge and clinch the game in a sudden death point.

Game 2 saw a revamped Richmond Rec team roll to a 25-15 win to force a Game 3.  In the final game, Richmond Rec opened with a 14-8 lead following several spikes into the net by Pink Panthers either too strong or into the net.  Pink Panthers dug deep, however, and pulled off a phenomenal run to tie the game at 19-19, forcing Richmond Rec to call a time-out.  The breather appeared to favor Pink Panthers and the ensuing 5-0 run buttoned up Game 3, and the match.adultvolleyball.5-24-3

Although they aren’t the tallest of folk, ACE’s Chai and Nathan broke out the pogo sticks at crunch time against  to take the deciding game from the defending champions Set ‘N’ Kill.

ACE’s front line produced some of the loudest spikes heard in the Richmond Recreation Center gym, according to a league official.  They left the defending champs immobilized.

After mirrored results in Games 1 and 2, the final game of the match was a true test of grit and stamina.  ACE took an early lead but Set ‘N’ Kill would rally.  After being knotted 22-22, Set ‘N’ Kill’s hopes where dashed by big spike from ACE’s Amel.  From there ACE would tie it up and eventually go on to will 26-24 as someone on Set ‘N’ Kill’s front row came in contact with the net during a spike attempt.


After a loss to Richmond Recreation last week, Camaleones bounced back with a big win against San Marcos.