West County Times publishes more sobering news about possible Doctors Medical Center closure

West Contra Costa Healthcare District

Another grim but extremely important article was published today by The West County Times about the apparently imminent closure of Doctors Medical Center.

The newspaper broke down how scary it could be without a hospital that treats so many people in need of emergency care.

According to The Times:

More than 70 heart attack victims are rushed by ambulance to DMC each year, more than one-quarter of all victims countywide, and another 30 are brought by friends and relatives. The hospital also receives a handful of gunshot and other trauma victims who need stabilizing quickly before transfer to a designated trauma center.

“It’s with those types of patients that we have the potential to lose lives every year,” said Dr. Joseph Barger, medical director of Contra Costa Emergency Medical Services.

Read the whole article here. This story is too important to ignore.