Point Richmond landlord, residents weary of persistent vandal

A Point Richmond landlord who is angry over the 'slumlord' vandalism done on his building is being sued by his tenants.
A building at 3 West Ave. in Point Richmond has been vandalized several times and the landlord is seeking help from police. Meanwhile, the landlord's tenants are suing him for poor living conditions.

The owner and residents of a Point Richmond apartment building are trying to stop a persistent vandal.

The four-story building at 3 West Ave. has endured graffiti on several occasions. Each time, a suspect has spraypainted “slum landlord” on the front of the building. The latest incident occurred Friday.

The building’s owner, Walter Connolly, has contacted police, hoping to locate and stop the suspect.

Connolly claims he is the opposite of a slumlord, having twice done seismic upgrades of the building along with updates to unit appliances and the building’s electrical system. An onsite resident manager reportedly responds to resident complaints immediately, Connolly said.

“When a resident gets a room for rent, it’s been thoroughly debugged, all holes are filled and painted from the floor up to the ceiling,” Connolly said. “Everything’s clean.”

Connolly also says people are using the trash collection area next to the building as a dump site.

Location of vandalized apartment building.