Police Chief Chris Magnus warns against cutting code enforcement

Community View: Illegal dumping along section of Richmond Greenway 'out of control'

Richmond Police Chief Chris Magnus took to Facebook Friday to make his pitch for keeping the Richmond Police Department’s code enforcement unit intact. Richmond is grappling with a ballooning $7 million deficit that is threatening cuts to all city departments. During a hearing this week, a councilmember mentioned eying code enforcement for cost savings.


“Especially during tough budget times, it may be tempting for some to look at Code Enforcement efforts as an easy place to make major cutbacks, but as you can see from the article below, even cities much larger than Richmond are figuring out how critical code enforcement/blight abatement efforts are to rebuild property values, increase resident satisfaction with their neighborhoods, and help reduce crime.  Richmond is way ahead of many cities with its Code Enforcement Unit, that is part of the Police Department.  We are already using many of the strategies other cities are just starting to implement to reduce blight—with considerable success.  This is a good article, which merits a quick read . . .”

– Magnus

The article from The Los Angeles Times regarding Philadelphia’s strategy against blight can be viewed here.