Adult Volleyball: Richmond Rec outlasts Camaleones

WCCUSD sports schedule for this week includes postseason volleyball, football

After a hard-fought battle, Richmond Recreation proved too much for Camaleones Wednesday in a City of Richmond Adult Volleyball League match that took three games to decide.

Both teams had fresh legs in Game 1, so much of the game took place above the net. One of Richmond Rec’s star players, Miguel, “rocked and hopped, laying scorching angled spikes that Camaleones repeatedly repelled with valiant digs,” a league official said.

At the midway point of the first game, both teams were knotted at 14.  Camaleones managed to grasp a late lead, however, and persisted to win the first game 25-22, with the game match ending following a lengthy volley.

The second game saw a resurgence for Richmond Rec, who went on an 8-0 run that ended with a spike into the net.  Net play would come into effect late in the game as a clutch block while up 22-19 would pave the way for a 25-20 victory.

Camaleones looked a bit gassed in Game 3, as Richmond Rec got out to a 7-1 lead.  Meanwhile, Richmond Rec looked fresher than in Game 1.  One of the Richmond Rec players, Kia, who struggled in earlier matches, knocked down her first spike while Han continued to elevate and deny efforts at the net. That appeared to sap the energy from Camaleones. The team at one point was down 21-5.


The defending champs, Set ‘N’ Kill, disposed of San Marcos in a timely fashion in Game 1 of a City of Richmond Adult Volleyball League matchSan Marcos fought dauntlessly in the second game, but it would not be enough.  Set ‘N’ Kill sealed Game 2 with an ace to win the match.



ACE forfeited its match with Pink Panthers in Wednesday’s third game.