Video highlights Richmond woman advocating for her neighbors’ health

The Richmond Confidential published a video about a Richmond native advocating for improving health in her city with Building Blocks for Kids.
Screenshot of Richmond Confidential's new video.

The Richmond Confidential on Thursday published a moving video about Richmond native JoAnn Ford, who after tackling her health struggles has become an advocate for improving health in Richmond with Building Blocks for Kids Collaborative.

She tells her story in the video, beginning with this all-true statement about the medical dependencies associated with many health problems that spiral out of control.

“You take one pill, you start off with another pill, then another pill, then another pill. I felt like, wow, nine, ten bottles of pills. One for the heart, no. Three for the heart. One for the blood pressure. One for the Lasix. One for another Lasix. Depression. I used to couldn’t walk from the front door to down the street without [labored breathing]. Something’s gotta give. Either you love yourself, or you are gonna go sit up there at Kaiser up in a hospital bed.”

We urge our readers to watch the video, which was produced and edited by U.C. Berkeley graduate student Jake Nicol.