Housing Authority probe: ‘Six hours of OT to lock and unlock one door’

Grand jury offers harsh critique on Richmond Housing Authority
Hacienda housing complex

The Center for Investigative Reporting (CIR) has continued its probe into the troubled Richmond Housing Authority, reporting Thursday that two maintenance workers have been paid out enormous amounts of undeserved overtime hours over the last four years.

Check out the shocking intro to the CIR report:

Written by the Center for Investigative Reporting

In case there was doubt regarding this report, CIR made certain to show its readers the time sheets:

OTissues1The maintenance workers, identified by CIR as Jeffery Likely and Allen Wheeler, “double-billed for the same job, charged overtime during normal work hours and regularly invoked a union clause to get paid triple for hours worked.”

And while receiving tens of thousands of unearned dollars, the pair lived rent-free in housing authority apartments, CIR reported.

Richmond residents simply must read CIR’s entire riveting story. It is the latest in a series of investigative news reports by CIR that have alleged major dysfunction at the Richmond Housing Authority. The reports claim mismanagement and misuse of funds by city officials have led to deplorable conditions at public housing developments and financial problems. The reports prompted City Council to demand the swift evacuation of the Hacienda complex, which is considered to be in the worst shape of Richmond’s five public housing developments.