Planning begins for October rebuild of Parchester Village park


The first planning meeting for the Oct. 25 rebuilding of the Parchester Village park and playground was held last week, and future meeting dates have been set.

The fields at 900 Williams Drive were selected by Berkeley-based children’s shoe company Livie & Luca and the City of Richmond to undergo a renovation similar to lsat year’s renovation of Belding-Garcia Park.

Much of the Belding-Garcia Park transformation was accomplished in one day with the help of more than 300 volunteers that included neighbors and community groups.

On Monday, City Manager Bill Lindsay announced that Kaiser Permanente made a “generous” donation toward the rebuilding day for Parchester Village’s park, which is set for Oct. 25.

Last week, the city held its first park planning meeting with neighbors at the Parchester Village Community Center.

“Members of the planning team received a brief history of the very successful Belding-Garcia Park Project that was completed in October 2013, which will serve as the community volunteer model for the Parchester Park rebuild project,” Linsday said. “Together the team organized in to committees and divided out tasks in preparation for Design Day, and the main event, Build Day.”

Here are important future dates: