hookup at Richmond motel ends up as armed robbery

A suspected Richmond pimp is being charged with abducting a prostitute last month as she was headed to an interview with police to discuss his abuse.

A man who used an online site to meet a prostitute at a Richmond motel on Sunday was robbed at gunpoint by two male thieves and thrown out of the motel room while naked, police said.

Richmond police officers were called to the local motel about 5:15 p.m. regarding the robbery report. The victim had reportedly met a prostitute on the raunchy hookups site, a website that lists reviews of escort and massage parlor services, police spokesperson Sgt. Nicole Abetkov said.

The victim was told to meet at the motel. When he got in the room the girl, who the victim reportedly did not realize was only 16 years old, had him completely disrobe, Abetkov said. Once naked, two men, one armed with a gun, emerged from the bathroom and robbed the victim, she said.

The robbers did not assault the man, but they forced him out of the hotel room along with his clothes.

Apparently the robbers didn’t think there was a need for a swift getaway. The victim called police, who arrived within minutes and found both suspects in the parking lot, Abetkov said.

“The victim pointed to two males in parking lot and said, ‘Those are the guys who robbed me,'” the sergeant said.

The suspects, who are not being identified due to an ongoing investigation, were arrested and booked into jail. The 16-year-old was also detained and taken to juvenile hall.

The motel also isn’t being named because it is the subject of a related investigation. The recent bust will likely lead to more prostitution stings related to in Richmond, according to police. has been a thorn in the side of Bay Area law enforcement for some time. Unlike, the website is operated outside of the U.S., making it difficult to police. Robberies connected to the website are not uncommon.

“There have been multiple incidents not just in our city but around the Bay Area where this has happened,” Abetkov said.

The moral of this story, Abetkov said, is simply, “Don’t make dates off of”