Marina Bay Parkway still set to reopen in May 2015 despite work stoppage

Suspects in getaway car thwarted by construction of Richmond underpass named after fallen cop

Work has resumed on the Officer Bradley Moody Memorial Underpass after AT&T finally relocated its phone lines, but the project remains vulnerable to delays, according to city officials.

Marina Bay Parkway between Meeker Avenue and Regatta Boulevard was closed Sept. 3 for construction of the underpass, which will allow traffic to flow under existing railroad tracks, thus preventing delays from passing trains.

The parkway closure has reportedly hurt several Marina Bay businesses who have reported a drop in customers.

While merchants were assured the roadway would be reopened in about 18 months, the failure of AT&T to relocate its utility lines in a timely fashion threatened to prolong the closure, city officials said.

On April 14, however, AT&T finally completed the work, city officials said, allowing city workers to resume construction of the underpass. The city believes it remains on pace to reopen the parkway over a period of 20 months, which is still within the project’s original deadline of between 18 and 20 months.

That puts the scheduled reopening date in May 2015.

The recent holdup, however, means that any obstacle from here on out has the potential to push back the deadline.

“The schedule is more vulnerable to delays that could push the closure duration beyond 20 months,” according to City Manager Bill Lindsay’s weekly newsletter. “Of particular concern is the chance of inclement weather next winter.”

City staff will continue to try to find ways to accelerate the schedule in order to mitigate the impact of AT&T’s delay, Lindsay said.

The Officer Bradley A. Moody Memorial Underpass Project is facing delays that could further hurt Marina Bay businesses.