Stop signs requested to slow cars on Richmond’s Clinton Avenue

El Cerrito: Stop signs installed at Arlington Blvd. and Potrero Ave.

Stop signs might be installed on a heavily-trafficked street in the North and East neighborhood where speeding has become a significant safety hazard.

City officials are considering adding stop signs on Clinton Avenue at 33rd Street, an intersection that sees an average of 70 vehicles an hour, according to city documents.

In a letter to the city, neighbors called Clinton Avenue a “popular speeding street, with cars racing up and down it, especially during peak traffic times.” Clinton Avenue connects the two major arterials of San Pablo Avenue and 23rd Street.

“We understand that speed bumps might damage fire trucks, so we are hoping that stop signs will be feasible,” according to a letter from the Clinton Avenue Neighborhood Watch Group.

In August 2012, neighbors said, a terrifying crash at the intersection sent a car into the wall of their house, creating a big hole and causing significant damage to their yard.

“The driver who was at fault was rushing to get her kids to school,” neighbors said.

In April, another accident occurred at the same corner, and last year a man in a wheelchair was killed on a nearby street.

“Let’s try to take cost-effective action now before we have another fatality or more property damage,” neighbors said.

In 2011, speeding on Clinton Avenue at 30th Street prompted the city to install a traffic circle at the intersection. Residents say the traffic circle has made the intersection safer.