‘Red dot’ event could further bolster Point Richmond’s artistic reputation


Point Richmond residents hope a sea of large red dots in their neighborhood will enhance the area’s reputation as one of the Bay Area’s most artistic towns.

On May 10, the neighborhood is holding its first Point to Point Richmond event, where merchants and organizations displaying a large red dot on their buildings host some kind of fun activity, such as an art exhibit, musical performance, or literary reading. The event is scheduled from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Businesses and organizations won’t need to sign up for the pop-up event, according to organizers, as they can simply opt-in by displaying a large red dot that day. Venues that are searching for artists or performers can join an online system designed to connect them to the talent. Individual artists who sign up to the online system will be able to see which venues are open to them.

Anyone can participate in Point to Point Richmond without pre-approval or fees, organizers said. The hope is that creative and unique ideas will organically sprout as a result of the event, such as a cellist performance in a nail salon; an antique store serving cupcakes; a concert in a tunnel or a science demonstration in a theater. Residents hope to make Point to Point a monthly event.

The project was the brainchild of local residents and is not affiliated with any organization. The idea was spurred through conversations between artists who have lived in Point Richmond for decades and younger members who are just starting new businesses, organizers said.

There’s already been plenty of interest. Locations confirmed for the event include Labyrinth Studio, ar.ti.fact Gallery, STEVANart Studio, Ali Amaro Gallery, Guillermina and AMAE Antique Repair Shop.

Organizers said the first Point to Point will focus on downtown Point Richmond, but they hope to open the event up to other areas.

For more information, visit Point to Point Richmond’s new Facebook page and Twitter account.

Or, just come on May 10 and spot the large red dots.