Parchester Village playground and park chosen for rebuild


The community park and playground in Richmond’s Parchester Village neighborhood will undergo a major remodeling, according city officials.

Berkeley-based children’s shoe company Livie & Luca and the City of Richmond recently selected the fields at 900 Williams Drive to undergo a renovation similar to the October rebuilding of Belding-Garcia Park.

The date of the renovation has not yet been set, as the project remains in the planning stages, officials said.

Dean Vigil, a recreation program coordinator for the city, said in addition to a new playground structure the project might include new benches for the baseball field.

The restoration will likely mimic the process that went into the successful renovation of Belding-Garcia Park, city officials said. That transformation, also funded by Livie & Luca, was accomplished in one day with the help of more than 300 volunteers that included neighbors and community groups such as Pogo Park. Watch the video below to see how it all came together as part of a community-wide effort. The Belding-Garcia Park design was based on drawings created by local children.

The shoe company says the playground initiative is meant to provide a safe place for children in low-income neighborhoods to play and learn.