New diner soon to open in Richmond’s Marina Bay

The owners of Cafe Pascal are set to open a new diner in Richmond's Marina Bay.
The space once occupied by Ole, a Pan-American fusion restaurant, will soon transform into the diner, Marina Bay Grill.

A new American diner is scheduled to open in Richmond’s Marina Bay in about a month.

Marina Bay Grill, which will be located at 2167 Meeker Ave., is a new venture by the family who owns the nearby Cafe Pascal. Both eateries are in a shopping center that has a CVS store.

The family says the French-style Cafe Pascal has done “very well” since opening less than three years ago.

“It seems that Marina Bay is in desperate need of a diner,” said a family representative who asked not to be named.

The diner is meant to serve American fare to the people who live and work in Marina Bay, the family said. Marina Bay Grill was described as a higher-class Denny’s that will be run by two talented French chefs and will offer reasonable prices. Dinner will also be served.

Construction of the new restaurant is near its end. Once applications for alcohol sales have been approved, the diner will open for service.

“It’ll be something like three or four weeks,” the family said.

The owners say Cafe Pascal has had a lot of success in Richmond due to a lack of quality merchants in the city.

“Marina Bay is a beautiful community,” the family rep says. “We absolutely love it. It’s safe, welcoming, and customers are very loyal and everybody appreciates good food at a reasonable price. That’s what we brought to the table.”

Check out the Marina Bay Grill’s new Facebook page for updates. Owners said they’ll send us a menu for Standard readers to preview, so check back here for an update.