Mar 17, 2014
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Location of solo hit-and-run accident Sunday

Location of solo hit-and-run accident Sunday

A Richmond woman who allegedly ditched her vehicle after crashing into a parked car near her home Sunday morning apparently did not realize she had left a cable bill with her name on it in the vehicle, police said.

Police responded to reports of a hit-and-run crash involving an unoccupied parked car in the 300 block of South Street about 9 a.m. Sunday.

Near the damaged car, a police officer found pieces of the suspect vehicle, a red Ford Escape, and searched the area. The officer located the car just blocks way in the 2600 block of Center Avenue, police Sgt. Nicole Abetkov said. However, the vehicle’s registration belonged to someone in San Jose who had recently sold the vehicle.

Still, it didn’t take long for the officer to get a break in the case. He “finds the car, sees that it is unlocked and then finds the cable bill in the car,” Abetkov said. “He sees that the bill leads to an address just up the street from the crash scene.”

After the car was towed, the officer learned the woman who was named on the cable bill had just called police reporting that her Ford Escape had been stolen. The officer went to the woman’s home and questioned her. The woman, whose name hasn’t been released, initially stuck to her story that the car was stolen, Abetkov said.

She admitted to being the driver after the officer reminded her that lying on a police report is a felony offense, Abetkov said. The woman also admitted that she lacked a valid driver’s license.

The woman wasn’t arrested but could face criminal charges pending the outcome of the investigation, Abetkov said.

“The lessons in all of this is don’t leave the scene of an accident, and don’t try to report your car stolen when it’s really not, because it’s a felony,” Abetkov said.



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