Mar 18, 2014

Richmond police will soon mail letters to the homes of  “johns” suspected of soliciting sex workers in the city.

The warning letters do not include criminal charges and are solely to persuade people not to return to Richmond’s streets for the purpose of soliciting prostitutes.

“The letters will say [police] saw you soliciting a prostitute, or that the license plate number for your car was phoned in by someone who saw you,” police spokeswoman Nicole Abetkov said. “The letters pretty much put you on notice and are being sent to home addresses.”

The warning letters are part of a recent effort to stamp out prostitution in Richmond. The latest crackdown has been along Ohio Avenue.

Richmond police have been encouraging residents to report incidents of prostitution on the strip by calling (510) 233-1214. They are also asked to report the full license plate number for a suspected john via a voice message at (510) 447-0821.

Richmond isn’t the first city to send warning letters home to suspected johns. Police in Sarasota, Fla., announced plans to do so March 4.


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  5. I wonder how many marriages this will damage or destroy when the Mrs. opens the letter? Of those, how many men will be falsely accused yet lose their marriages anyway?

    Steven Sandler | Dec 1st, 2015

About the Author

Mike Aldax is the editor of the Richmond Standard. He has 13 years of journalism experience, most recently as a reporter for the San Francisco Examiner. He previously held roles as reporter and editor at Bay City News, Napa Valley Register, Garden Island Newspaper in Kaua’i, and the Queens Courier in New York City.