Mar 27, 2014
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The effortless rapper DBledsoe, who grew up in south Richmond, says his fascinating city offers a wealth of material for his music.

“We have our own distinct style,” the artist, whose government name is Dameon Bledsoe, told the Richmond Standard. “If the Bay was New York we’d be Harlem. Richmond people are unlike any other.”

The city is a hotbed for emerging, unsigned hip hop artists like D.Bledsoe.

“I rep the Riches in EVERY song I record,” he said. “I owe my character to what I’ve experienced and seen in Richmond, so I feel it’s my duty to give Rich City its credit.”

D.Bledsoe has five albums under his belt and also seven mixtapes. His last album, Fried Chicken & Trampolines, dropped in December. His next album, Opportunity Knocks, is upcoming. The rapper said he won’t be unsigned for much longer.

“Soon I will have a situation, it’s on the way,” he said.

Listen to some of the rapper’s music below. The video for the song, “What’s Up,” was filmed at D.Bledsoe’s home near S. 37th Street and Florida Avenue. The song is from D.Bledsoe’s first album, How to be a Rich Man (under the artist name D.B.).

“It was really just a barbeque at the crib and my peoples came through,” the rapper said. “But the song is deep. Just asking my people to question why we do what we do.”

He offered shoutouts to DJ H Holla, Erk Tha Jerk, Johnny Cash, Y.S., Globe Town, D.s., Lathan, Mean Gene, Mack Teet, Gizzle.


“What’s Up” by D.B. Bledsoe

“Dear Richmond” by D.B. Bledsoe


  1. Come on man… no shot out to East Bay Body Shop … damn bro.. Tony been hooking you brothers up for years…. Bonnievilles to Bentleys…. buff to bullet holes.. Richmond brothers brought it all. Can East Bay on 24th get some love. From Marianne the Gustopo at the desk.

    EAST BAY BODY SHOP | Sep 2nd, 2015

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