Richmond McDonald’s buzzing as free coffee promotion begins

Richmond McDonald's was buzzing with activity Monday morning at the start of the fast food chain's free coffee promotion.
The McDonald's on Macdonald Avenue and 23rd Street.

The McDonald’s restaurant in central Richmond got a jolt of extra business Monday, and the fast food eatery’s managers believe lines will only get longer as more people find out the coffee is free for the next two weeks.

Nationwide on Monday, the world’s largest hamburger chain began offering free small cups of McCafe coffee to customers during the breakfast hours as part of a two-week promotion. The beverage is usually $1.30 for the small size.

On the first day of the coffee promotion, numerous customers who hadn’t heard about the offer were pleasantly surprised at the McDonald’s at Macdonald Ave. and 23rd St. They felt they had won something, said Juana Madriz, assistant manager.

“Our customers have been very happy, and it’s already busier,” Madriz said. “It will be even busier when more people hear about it.”

The promotion is reportedly a move by McDonald’s to snag a chunk of the breakfast market from competitors such as Taco Bell, which recently rolled out a breakfast menu that includes a waffle taco.