Blighted Richmond home scheduled for demolition Thursday

A Richmond home on Leke Way is a
The tan-colored home on the right is scheduled for demolition Thursday at 8:30 a.m.
A Richmond home on Leke Way is a "dilapidated mess" and is scheduled to be torn down at 8:30 a.m. Thursday, police said.
Location of the property scheduled for demolition Thursday.

Police are alerting residents to the planned demolition of a dilapidated home in Parchester Village on Thursday as part of an ongoing effort to reduce blight in Richmond.

The home at 4117 Leke Way is a “dilapidated mess” and is scheduled to be torn down at 8:30 a.m., said Tim Higares, code enforcement manager the Richmond Police Department.

“The community has wanted the property taken care of for a long time,” Higares said.

The demolition is part of a new strategy to reduce blight in Richmond neighborhoods by tearing down the “worst of the worst” structures, Higares said.

Several fires broke out at the Leke Way home due to its state of disrepair, he said.

Thursday’s demolition will be the third as part of the effort. On Monday, a structure with a collapsing garage at 331 S. 13th St. was taken down. In February, a severely blighted home at 159 1st St. in Atchison Village was reduced to rubble. Residents applauded the demolition.

Code enforcement had identified three more structures to demolish, but “luckily two of them were purchased,” Higares said. That leaves the yet unclaimed property at 2436 Maricopa Ave., which is scheduled for demolition within 30 days.

The Maricopa home has been a “scourge” on the community for about five years, Higares said.

While eliminating the structures helps neighborhood, having an empty lot can also invite blight, Higares said. But he said the city has a plan to fill those spaces.

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