Dont miss the free AltCar Expo at Craneway Pavilion


140206 NorCal SaveTheDateRichmond residents are encouraged to attend the Bay Area AltCar Expo at Craneway Pavilion on Friday and Saturday to check out the latest alternative energy vehicles.

The expo runs from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on both days. Attendees will get a chance to view, ride in and drive a large selection of electric, natural gas and hydrogen vehicles, organizers said.

The event will include talks from government officials and industry representatives about the future of alternative energy vehicles, particularly the building of an infrastructure for such cars.

This year’s AltCar events are also taking place in Santa Monica and Dallas.

Here’s a summary of the technology’s progress on the Bay Area AltCar Expo website:

“Battery electric vehicles are now available for sale from almost every vehicle manufacturer. There are dozens of gasoline-electric hybrid models available in California and some come with a plug to further reduce their gas consumption. Fuel cell electric vehicles are more available and more affordable. Natural gas and propane are rapidly expanding their presence in fleet applications and some are available to consumers. Biodiesel and ethanol are now frequently blended into diesel and gasoline sold in California and many other states.”