Feb 7, 2014

Although the US Postal Service says only a small percentage of packages end up lost or delayed at its national distribution center in Richmond, there are many online forums dedicated to fuming about the facility.

A Google search for “Richmond USPS sort facility” yields negative comments from around the world about the large processing center at 2501 Rydin Road.

Between December 2011 and today, dozens of complaints about the facility have been logged in a forum on “Disappeared News,” a website claiming to report news you won’t find in the media. A post Friday morning claimed an eBay customer was furious because of an allegedly delayed package.


“Maybe if you agree to post bail they might let your package out,” one poster wrote. Another added, “I am from Saipan. I ordered chicken eggs. When the package finally reached me – they are already chickens.”

USPS spokesman Augustine Ruiz Jr. told the Standard mistakes do happen, but not often.

Here is his full response:

As with other large highly mechanized processing facilities, despite our best efforts, we experience a small percentage of package service failures. It is something we are aware of and working diligently to minimize any service failures.

To stay on top of service issues with our customers, we review the online sites on a regular basis on what is being reported as a service failure. We have a dedicated staff person who works with customers  and other postal officials to help resolve customer service issues involving the San Francisco Network Distribution Center (NDC).  We’ve upgraded our processing software to ‘flag for capture’ looping or delayed parcels.

We make every effort to educate customers on proper packaging. We educate other postal employees on standard-post service (parcels), especially to offshore destinations. Whenever we suspect mail tampering, we immediately contact the OIG. We continue to be vigilant in looking for ways to improve service to our customers. It is our goal to provide our postal customers the best service possible.


  1. I totally not happy with the service of USPS in Richmond , last 2 years I had to call USPS about 4 time to ask where is my package , they did not left a notice at my house but they said they did, sometime my package sitting 3 weeks in USPS facility. sometime took them a week to find my package. sometime delivery my package to next door or next block. I tired about dealing with USPS now I tried to stay away from USPS and using UPS or FEDEX

    Giang | Feb 8th, 2014
  2. My Christmas package sent on November 25th, 2013, arrived at Richmond on December,6th, 2013 and since then nothing happened!!!! No Christmas gifts for my little grandson s!!! And it was the second time : my first package even took the wrong way from there!!!! My decision:no more packages for my sweethearts….And besides: the package was a real big one: 10kgs!!!!

    German girl | Feb 13th, 2014
  3. And an Addition: I sent 2 packages on that same day: the one that go straight to San Mateo and not over Richmond reached my children in time!!!!

    German girl | Feb 13th, 2014
  4. On February 7th. I did send a packages from San Bruno Ca, Post Office to Bay Point Ca., tracking Number 9114901159815955400009, this packages been at the USPS Richmond Ca.,94804 since February 11th, can you send this back to the Main Post Office in Pacifica,Ca. 94044.sure be at 405 De Anza Ct. # 103,Bay Point,Ca., on February 7th.
    Thank you so much for your help, Sincerely.

    Martha Delao | Feb 13th, 2014
  5. My package is stock there since March 27, 2014. That package suppose to reach here April 7. But until now still stock in Richmond California.. so what’s happening now??? What should I do???

    Margie | Apr 14th, 2014
  6. Why has my package been sitting at the facility since the 11th? Its a book how hard can it be to deliver? I am not happy and how do I locate someone to find it?

    Christina | Apr 22nd, 2014
  7. I sent my mother a Mother’s Day card last Tuesday its been over 8 or 9 days and it’s been stuck at the Richmond specility for about 4 3 days same problem as everybody else I was surprised to see everyone had the same problem with this facility my phone number is 510 472 54 on bus 510 472 5415

    elvis le | May 14th, 2014
  8. This is my 3rd priority mail package that got lost in Richmond purgatory.

    The first time was on December 2nd – 2-day priority package was delivered in 18 days. Gave them a break since this is the same month as Christmas – albeit 23 days before Christmas.

    The second time was in February… forever gone… never to be seen again after the package was received in Richmond.

    Now the third package… it’s been 2 weeks since the package was received at Richmond… shipped 2-day priority. Just called the 800# to open a case… let’s see what happens.

    K. Lee | May 16th, 2014
  9. I sent a package from Illinois to Saipan. It’s been over 3 weeks now. I called USPS and she said it’s most likely on a pallet waiting for more packages to pile up to make it economically sound for shipping. WTF!!! Well according to the tracking information, it apparently left, to where, who knows!?!

    Tracking Number: 9461209699937519923887
    Your item was processed through and left our RICHMOND, CA 94804 facility on April 28, 2014 at 9:05 pm. The item is currently in transit to the destination. Information, if available, is updated periodically throughout the day. Please check again later.

    RP | May 22nd, 2014
  10. I ordered runners a month in advanced for the wedding. The actual movement of the package was good. Only 5 days to get from Washington to Richmond. April 29the to May 4th expected delivery May 6th.
    I ordered through Tradesy. The seller gets his money when the package arrives. So he is out his shipping costs and I am out $80 plus that shipping charge I had to include.

    I’d rather know it was lost, not to expect it so I can move on and get something else. At this point I may have to do that. A little disappointed that I could read that other people are having that problem.

    Called the 1800 number hitting the 0’s only and a 5 minute wait (so not bad waiting time). They said they would put in a case for this and gave me an investigation case number. A week ago I was told by Oakland USPS Customer relations that they could only email Richmond and tell them to keep an eye out for the package. Richmond has had it from May 4th, 2014 through today May 23rd.

    So At least I have a case number. Something is something! I just appreciated some concern over the package, not a “too bad for you”

    Jesus Marez | May 23rd, 2014
  11. Augustine Ruiz, Jr.’s response to Standard is pure BS: “We’ve upgraded our processing software to ‘flag for capture’ looping or delayed parcels.” Yeah, right. A package was shipped to me (in Sacramento) on June 19 from Denver, CO. It was processed through 2 sorting facilities, one in Aurora, CO and then next through West Sacramento, before being selected for a “return to sender” for some unexplained reason. Again, being processed through West Sac, and then back through Aurora, before returning to Denver. HOWEVER, once it reached Denver, it was bounced back to CA, this time going through the Richmond Sort Facility. Why? As of this date, July 12, the package has gone back and forth between Denver and Richmond 3 times!!! When you bring up the tracking record, it looks like USPS is playing tennis with my package! It doesn’t do any good to ask for help at my local P.O., because the supervisors there have no idea what’s going on, neither. It’s no wonder that people would rather use FedEX or UPS, and that USPS is losing money. Why do you think they’re always raising their rates?

    Ron in Sac. | Jul 13th, 2014
  12. I live in Honolulu HI. I sent an unopened package back to an eBay seller on April 21, 2014. The last tracking date is May 17, 2014 at Richmond Ca Sort Facility. Today’s date is July 21, 2014. THREE MONTHS IN TRANSIT AND USPS CANNOT ACCOUNT FOR MY $265.00 !!!

    Harold Roylo | Jul 21st, 2014
  13. I live In Hawaii and have monthly subscriptions of shampoo and makeup sent to me by mail. Usually it will arrive within 4-5 days of shipping. If it happens to go through Richmond, I’m looking at a wait of 3-4 WEEKS if not longer. I literally cringe and groan when I track my packages and they go through the Richmond facility. I’m so fed up, because I’ve been dealing with this everytime I order something from the mainland. I recently ordered an ipad case through Ebay, and it came from CHINA in 7 business days, not even joking. What’s going on? Investigate this horrible facility!!!!

    Lisa | Jul 31st, 2014
  14. My order was supposed to arrive today from WA to HI. It was processed through Richmond yesterday and hasn’t been updated since! Now I’m reading all of this bad experiences with The Richmond sort facility and I’m cringing 🙁 hope my experience goes well!

    Erika Costa | Aug 12th, 2014
  15. Sale date: 07/15/14
    Tracking number: 9114901230803792089635
    Estimated Delivery: Tue. Jul. 29 – Wed. Aug. 6


    Melvin | Aug 12th, 2014
  16. Good luck to all of you. I noticed that some of your packages were routed through Bell Gardens, which according to reviews, is another USPS “black hole”, though it doesn’t appear to be as bad as Richmond. At any rate, the last time my package was scanned was on July 22nd, and since then, absolutely nothing—no more scans, and no package to either myself nor the eBay seller. At least the seller was nice enough to give me a refund, so now it’s up to him as to whether he wants to submit a claim with the U.S. Postal Service.

    Ron in Sac. | Aug 13th, 2014
  17. Package scanned on 29 July Richmond sort facility and no update nor package yet, it is now 17 Aug. The most I’ve waited for packages are 1.5 weeks.

    Steve | Aug 17th, 2014
  18. Book was sent to Hawaii on June 21st here it is August the 23rd and the last scan was in Richmond,Ca. With all these complaints you would think this place would be investigated! I send books out several times a month and haven’t had any issues until now. Even going by media mail they have only taken up to 10 days. Why isn’t someone checking this place and their employees out???

    Susan | Aug 24th, 2014
  19. I have worked at that facility and it was originally only processing parcel post parcels and 3rd and 4th class mail. USPS management has been closing plants nationwide and shrinking the distribution network and are purposely slowing down and degrading service because the Postmaster General is a lapdog for Republicans in Congress who want to get rid of the Postal Service as we know it and privatize it so that you can pay considerably more to send a letter or package.Now they are trying to push through priority parcels in a 4 hour window at night and management there only cares about attaining high numbers at the expense of the parcels to the customer intact. Expect service to get even worse as management implements phase 2 of the dismanteling of the distribution network and lowering service standards in ’15.

    Bob | Sep 5th, 2014
  20. Wow! It makes so much sense. My package was my personal medication, is it likely that someone may have xrayed or whatever they do and stolen it? Or is that pretty much unheard of? Im angry.

    lynda | Sep 8th, 2014
  21. This story states that “between December 2011 and today” dozens of complaints had been posted about the Richmond facility. That’s almost three years, and only “dozens” of complaints? I would say that’s a pretty darn good record considering the volume of packages, parcels, letters, cards, etc. that are processed there.

    I am a truck driver that hauls USPS loads in and out of the Richmond facility. I’m just one driver from one trucking company, but just my company alone delivers a 48 foot trailer load of mail daily. There are hundreds of trucks in and out of there daily.p, and most of them are hauling 53 foot trailers full. They have over 100 loading docks, and seldom are there any open. That shows how busy they are.

    This facility operates 24 hours a day, and are only closed on major holidays. So, you can probably imagine the shear volume of mail they handle every day. It’s no wonder that occasionally a package gets misplaced or lost, but I would bet that the percentage is minuscule. No one is perfect.

    But having first hand experience at looking at the mail, I can offer a suggestion or two that may help prevent your package from being lost or misplaced. First, make sure your package is properly sealed and sturdy enough to withstand being handled as freight. Don’t put a bowling ball in a paper sack and expect it to still be wrapped and labeled after being shipped across the country, or even overseas. The post office sells cartons and other packaging materials, and can give you advice on the best way to package things. Use good tape and seal up all flaps and edges so they remain closed and don’t get caught on other packages or equipment.

    Second, if you reuse a box, make sure you cover up all old labeling. Make it easy for the postal employees to figure out where you want your package to be delivered.

    Third, make sure your label is legible and is in large enough lettering to be read easily. Use a marker that won’t smudge, or cover it with clear tape so that it remains legible. Use block lettering instead of cursive because it’s easier to read. Be sure to include the (correct) zip code.

    Fourth, if you have a deadline to get your package delivered somewhere, inquire about express mail rates. Just because you were able to send a package from Oakland to Miami in two days last week using regular mail that every package will only take two days. If your package “absolutely, positively” has to be there over night, use a service that guarantees that. Otherwise, it just may have to sit on a pallet until there are enough packages going to that remote location to make it cost effective. After all, if you need a box of Kleenex but you live 20 miles from the nearest store, you’re most likely going to wait until you need a few more items before making the trip.

    Fifth, remember that the USPS charges much lower rates than UPS or FEDEX. Use the service that best fits your needs, but be willing to pay the price. Don’t make the mistake of buying a Prius and then being upset that it doesn’t go as fast as a Corvette.

    Lastly, I would suggest you keep track of how often you send or receive something via the USPS, then keep track of how often something gets lost or delayed. I’m confident that you will realize just how well they do their job, and just how infrequently something does get lost. You will quickly realize just how good a job the USPS and all of their sub-haulers do getting your mail from point A to point B in a timely and inexpensive manner.

    Mail Hauler | Sep 8th, 2014
  22. No.
    I appreciate that you contract with USPS and that the service provided is the most economical.

    You seem to have misread the article or you are using information contained in the article to make faulty arguments. The website listed (Disappeared News) is a single, non-official blog post. Dozens of complaints there equal hundreds of actual complaints.

    Second, my ratio of mail received versus mail lost or delayed does look good, on the surface. But EVERY TIME a piece of mail goes to the Richmond, CA facility I KNOW it will be delayed for three weeks or more. I’m not joking. Every time. I feel like I can’t reiterate enough. Every time. I have a 1st class package sitting there right now.

    When I order a book from Amazon I pray that it won’t be routed through Richmond. If I need the book sooner that 2 months I ALWAYS pay for expedited shipping. Because I HAVE TO. I can’t leave it to chance that my package won’t be routed to Richmond.

    My current package sitting in mail-purgatory prompted me to search for an update on the Richmond facility. I was hoping to find good news. Unfortunately, I have discovered that a problem that has been festering for YEARS is still unresolved.

    Tony | Sep 30th, 2014
  23. Sent from sacramento ca to san francisco ca. Gatorade bottle sized parcel shipped Sept 2 and supposed to be there the 4th. Today is the 9th. Entered w sac the 2nd, left w sac the 2nd, entered richmond sept 3 and has been “in transit to destination” at richmond since sept 3. What does that mean!? My package I sent ahead of me has yet to arrive and what does “in transit to destination” mean? I heard it could be sitting on the bottom of a bin waiting for it to fill before delivered, that it was stolen, that it was lost and there are so many lost items that delivery date is totally random. Ive called USPS and made an inquiry and now did one online. My call back was from the post office where it should have ended up and delivered and they say they havent received it, that they nor I have any way of contacting richmond.
    Please tell me…”arrived in Richmond and in transit” if it arrived, shouldn’t it have “left richmond” if it is “in transit to destination”?

    lynda | Sep 8th, 2014
  24. I ordered a flatscreen TV on ebay, it’s been stuck at Richmond, CA since August 17, 2014!! DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!! THEY SHOULDN’T EVEN HAVE A FACILITY IN THAT CITY!!

    Unknown CK | Sep 17th, 2014
  25. My package was due to be here in Hawaii today the September 17 and its my kids stuff from the mainland. I just hope no one took it. And its been departed from Richmond ca for the past 7 days and I know it sont take no plane or ship that long to get her plz get some new help in there so we can get stuff on time im not sending any more stuff threw the mail fedex or brown from now on

    Heather | Sep 18th, 2014
  26. Don’t know what the problem is at this facility, but sent two identical size packages to Honolulu on August 12. Both packages were scanned into the Richmond facility on August 17. One of the packages was delivered August 25th and the expected delivery of the second package is/was August 26! It has been over four weeks since it was scanned at the Richmond facility and have talked to the USPS several times and keep getting different stories! First, it was it could take 3 weeks, then, 4 weeks, then 5 weeks, and yesterday I was told it could take 8 weeks! Have called the Richmond facility number several times and left messages. Of course, no one has contacted me! Very disgusted with the USPS and will NEVER use them for package delivery.

    Lisa | Sep 19th, 2014
  27. My package to hawaii has been sitting in Richmond since 9/11….its the 22nd today. I literally had my car shipped on a boat from LA to Maui and it got here faster than the package. You can call the sorting office directly at 510-574-8737. Carla picked up and said it could take 8 weeks and it was my fault for choosing standard mail. I plan on calling every day until my package is located. She did not even bother asking for my tracking number before she started making lame excuses.

    Melanie | Sep 22nd, 2014
  28. i sent a package to a gentleman through ebay, package had delivery date of 9/10/2014. Package received at Richmond facility on 11th and is still there on the 25 of September. I have a very irate customer and need some answers. USPS label 9461209699939208921389 and my investigation confirmation number is CA119540594. Please help I have lost all faith in your company

    Barb | Sep 25th, 2014
  29. sent 2 packages 2 day priority. one went through san fran no problems, other one went into limbo and found itself in richmond ca where to this day a week later and after filing a case is still there. For a while i thought my package got stolen or that usps doesnt really give a crap but now i know they are both true

    victim. | Oct 7th, 2014
  30. paid 55 dollars for that 2 day by the way, ill be lucky if it is ever seen again…

    victim. | Oct 7th, 2014
  31. You should forget USPS, especially if there is the slightest chance of it going to Oakland CA. When USPS closed Petaluma CA sorting facility and chose Oakland for all of that mail/pkgs, all standard mail/pkg delivery was so bad that USPS switched it to SF-almost No Problems. I know of a person who is having the same problem, pkgs been sitting there since 9th and 11th, complaint filed, as of 10/17/14 not a word. Lucky for them that after 19 days the company will send replacements out and I will insist not by USPS ! Even if I have to pay more for one only, second one was on them. Also, when you order anything make sure that you do not choose Free Shipping if that free shipping will go by USPS-Pay the extra for UPS ground or FedEx. There has been in effect for some time now an agreement between USPS and UPS that if your house is only 1-2 miles-mainly rural areas-from your local P.O. UPS will/can leave your pkg/s there, this is OK since your pkg will go to the closest UPS. If you want it to your home you must tell UPS/FedEx this. You have the Republicans to thank for all this crap. Good Luck !

    Mail Carrier | Oct 17th, 2014
  32. I am having a nightmare with the Richmond, CA sorting facility!!!! Check out my story…


    Brian Cooper | Nov 8th, 2014
  33. Two packages of the same size and mailed the same day to the same address have different stories. One made it safely, the other is lost, gone, disappeared. I have opened a case. Ha! Waste of time and effort. I will pay extra for my packages NOT to go through Richmond, California.

    Randall in Roseville, CA

    Randall | Dec 1st, 2014
  34. Worked the USPS for over 20 yrs New York City, was in Bronx, New York this past summer visiting family.
    I mailed a box from the Bronx facility on Aug. 29 2014, 2 months ago I received a piece of the corner of the brown wrapping paper with the return address, so where is my parcel.NDCfm San Francisco requesting the contents but y did it go to San Francisco?
    Written in bold & legible print, so USPS is wondering y they r losing cause of incidents such as this.
    They have postal inspectors but they arn’tdoing their jobs successfully, yes I am really ticked off I worked hard for my attire put it a system where security is suppose to be top notch then nothing. So far I haven’t heard fm NDC from the last time.
    The parcel was coming fm the Bronx, NY to Fresno, Ca,

    Gregory C Kendall | Dec 7th, 2014
  35. I have a package sitting there since Nov. 21st and no word on it yet…. Get your head out of your behind and ship it. I run a non-profit organization called The Reborn Foster Home, we provide reborn baby dolls to foster children and to parent who have lost a child and if that package doesn’t make it there will be some very unhappy foster children come Christmas.

    Barbara Rose | Dec 11th, 2014
  36. Apparently this is ongoing. I found this article searching the Richmond USPS facility because I have a package stuck there that USPS cannot account for. Today is 12.16.2014 and the package has been there since 12.8.2014

    I have never had such a problem with the USPS before. What goes on at this facility???

    William J | Dec 16th, 2014
  37. I have no idea but I have a lot of packages that need to be shipped to that area and I will not put up with this. I think it’s time more people call the post office and start making formal complaints. I did get a call today saying that they have ordered a package recovery but let’s see how that goes. Been over a month it has been sitting there.

    Barbara Rose | Dec 16th, 2014
  38. I ordered 10-packs of two sizes of Priority Mail boxes from USPS online. One pack was shipped originating in Richmond, and arrived to my post office on the San Mateo coast in two days. Fine and dandy. The other pack (naturally, the one I needed most urgently) arrived at Richmond one hour earlier than the first. Two and a half weeks later, it’s still showing to be in Richmond (if it even still exists in a form other than a mushy wad of rain-soaked cardboard). The package (in clear plastic wrap) is hardly something a brigand would treasure since the boxes are free to begin with.

    I placed another order for the missing boxes, but this time the USPS Store was smarter, sending via Stockton->West Sacramento->San Francisco->My PO, all in two days. Perhaps even _they_ know there’s a problem at Richmond.

    Alas, two other parcels (little xmas presents to myself) have been in Richmond for days now. I’m forecasting lumps of coal in my stocking this year.

    Danny | Dec 17th, 2014
  39. I live in San Francisco and recently had a package sent to me from China. That package landed in San Francisco but per tracking it was sent to USPS Richmond, CA and I’m getting no updates. Why did USPS do that? Now I’m afraid I’ll never see my package after reading all the horrors stories about the USPS Richmond, CA facility.

    I’ve love to do some temp work there at USPS Richmond and see for myself what is going on. Are they stealing our missing packages or are packages just being dumped into bins and forgotten by lazy postal employees? Somebody should seriously investigate this particular USPS facility.

    T. G. | Jan 7th, 2015
  40. Ordered a product on 1/12, USPS received it on 1/13, it arrived at the Richmond, CA facility on 1/16 where it SAT/SAT for 10 days, leaving on 1/26, but headed to the wrong destination in Seattle. Now 1/29, and I still don’t have my order. My dad was a postal worker, but it’s time to write my Senators and Congressmen.

    Brian | Jan 28th, 2015
  41. Hello USPS of RICHMOND,CA 94804,
    I am a resident of Houston,TX. and I have never had problems with sending any packages to my families in SAIPAN.. I have send packages and it takes 4-7 days ONLY. This is my first time in a LIFETIME to send a package and not get to saipan on time.
    I send my package out from USPS Humble,TX 77338 on Dec.30 2014 at 2:13pm. It arrived USPS facility in Dallas,TX 75398 on Jan.01 2015 at 11:26am and Departs USPS facility of Dallas,TX. 75398 that same day at 3:32pm. It arrived at USPS facility of RICHMOND, CA. 94804 on Jan.05 2015 at 3:13pm and my package have not departed since. It has been a month and two days and my package have not left Richmond,CA 94804. PLEASE send my package to its DESTINATION, my families have been waiting for it.

    Kix670 | Feb 1st, 2015
  42. oh and my tracking number is 9114-9999-4431-3940-6495-03.

    Kix670 | Feb 1st, 2015
  43. this facility is a joke.

    shut. it. down.

    Track This | Feb 3rd, 2015
  44. Sent Christmas presents (already belated) to my brother and his family in Maui. Shipped on January 15th from Wisconsin. Arrived January 19th in Richmond, CA. Nothing has changed or moved since then. I called the post office supervisor in my hometown today. He is going to email the facility……reading about how massive this place sounds, I highly doubt anyone will try to find or do anything about getting my package on it’s way. Does anyone know if Priority Mail moves safely and faster through this facility? It’s a little late now, but in the future I will never send a package regular mail again to Hawaii. I did insure the package. When do I file a claim? What if my package does finally get there after a claim was filed?

    Beyond annoyed.

    Brian | Feb 9th, 2015
  45. A package was supposed to be delivered to me today (Tracking # RA424857465DE). However, I just tracked the package, although it went to the Richmond facility, somehow it ended in Fremont!!!! This is ridiculous being that I live next door to the City of Richmond. What a joke and next the USPS will want a raise!!! Can’t even deliver a simple package on time and to the right address. Whose working there – the 3 BLIND MEN??? Get your act together before asking for another raise, because my grandchildren can sort and deliver mail better!!!! Fact is, the facility should be shut down!

    Annoyed | Feb 9th, 2015
  46. Awful facility, why does it still exist? Packages are being lost and stolen left right and center! Shut that place down!

    Pierre | Feb 15th, 2015
  47. It’s not just a Richmond problem! We live in Winston Salem, NC, we have been expecting a package from Ohio to NC, we are now in our 3rd week waiting for this package. It gets as far as Greensboro, NC then go back to OH, only not to the original sender, just to a distribution center. We have called Consumer Affairs, called the Greensboro P.O. hoping to have them forward it to Winston (only 20 miles away) and it ends up back in OH. The package would have been faster Pony Express, heck someone could walk from OH to NC in lass than 3 weeks!!!!!!

    Vonnie | Mar 7th, 2015
  48. I have 2 items sitting there in Richmond CA facility since Jan 29th. That sort facility scans things when they come in, but they do not scan them when they go out. The other items that were mailed with it did not end up there and were shipped on to their destination, Okinawa Japan, in a week! Unfortunately, 2 of my items hit the infamous “Black Hole” in Richmond CA. The Postal Inspector General needs to go there and demand that all of the shipping containers that have been just sitting there, be shipped out now. Then I’d fire all of them and replace them with people who will do their job.

    frustrato | Mar 10th, 2015
  49. It appears that many people who have PO Boxes in Lacey Spring, VA are not getting mail anymore.

    Our bills, our checks, are being delayed or never arriving.

    Since Richmond had to merge with Norfolk’s sorting facility last year, (completed by the end of 2014), I started noticing huge delays. Now it’s gotten to the point that I’m worried that the income we’re relying on, and our important mail- paperwork etc. will never arrive!!

    Totally unacceptable!

    Lacey Spring | Mar 14th, 2015
  50. Hi..just letting the people at the Richmond California Sorting Facility that I had a package sent from Iowa on March 2nd and arrived at Richmond on March 5th..and for some reason is still there!!! Why?? can you answer that for me a seller on eBay and also explain to the buyer who needed this text book for a class that started Monday the 16th of March ?

    Is the Richmond facility going to reimburse me when the package goes to a lost status after March 26
    Is the Richmond facility going to apologize to the buyer after March 26 ?

    I think people deserve an answer..we are paying and helping keep the USPS System alive in trusting that they can do a job for it’s customers!

    Jason Girard

    Jason | Mar 17th, 2015
  51. I have an item that was received by Richmond CA on Feb 2. It is for my son in Okinawa in the Air Force. I called the Postal Inspector. Still waiting. I shipped 4 boxes total and all of them made it to Okinawa in a week or so EXCEPT the one box ONLY 1 that went through the RICHMOND CA facility for some reason. And there it sits and sits and sits and sits and sits….tracking info hasnt budged since Feb 2nd.

    fedupwithit | Mar 17th, 2015
  52. you have my package sitting there since March 5th… still having problems i see

    gigi coloma | Mar 24th, 2015
  53. Well I guess this blackhole in the Richmond CA postal sorting facility is still screwed up and can’ get package shipped out to the listed shipping address that are printed on the shipping tag. The package I sent was accepted at the Fresno Ca Post office on March 12th, arrived in Richmond CA March 13th, only to depart Richmond on March 16th and then arrived back to Fresno Ca Post office on March 18th. Out on March 18th for delivery in Fresno. No other tracking information is listed. Been to the Fresno post office at least 4 different times made phone calls only to get busy signal, or rings 22 times before I hung up, or they did answer then put me on hold never came back on the line. But my next trip to the post office I was told it went back out form the Richmond sorting facility on March 25th, but they have no idea where its at, also was told it may take up to 30 days for parcel post package to be delivered. I think at this point I would rather drive to the Richmond facility and get my package and fly to Honolulu and hand deliver it myself, and then charge my trip to the damm postal facility. The item that was sent was a eBay purchase for an anniversary gift. My buyer has been very understanding, but I do think we are both angry with this situation of poor service. Question .. .. .. .. Will it ever reach its destination?

    Carol Snyder | Apr 3rd, 2015
  54. My mother shipped a large box from Chicago FILLED with close to 100 family photos, dating back over 100 years, to me for my 50th Birthday. It arrived at my doorstep on March 23rd, EMPTY. That’s right – there was a box sitting on my porch EMPTY. I thought it was some kind of a sick joke and I didn’t understand?? After contacting the Chicago mail centers and doing a lot of calling to the USPS, I learned my package was torn apart in the Richmond facility center. I was so sick to my stomach, as these photos are well over 100 yrs old and we have no copies!!! These are my beloved family photos that are irreplaceable! The people I’ve been dealing with at this Richmond facility, are COLD and HEARTLESS and treat you as if it is YOUR fault. No one wants to apologize, or accept responsibility or blame for this. I was initially told they would sweep through the facility every night and let me go through whatever they found – because I’m the only person who can identify my family photos. I drive over an hour each way, only to recover 1 photograph out of a possible 80- 100!! Now, I’m being told they were probably shipped to the Atlanta Mail Recovery center, AFTER I was PROMISED they would HOLD all photos until I had an opportunity to look through them!! These people are criminals!! I feel like I’m living in the USSR and not the USA – they without information, like managers, and departments and names of people that I could contact – it is outrageous!! This place is a travesty of injustices and, obviously, from this stream, one can see that they are getting away with this every day, to people all over the planet! The news crews should be heavily involved and investigating this mess!!!!

    Kerry McGehee | Apr 24th, 2015
  55. This is but a tiny fraction of the USA decline. The sooner the USA is finished, the better. Vote Hilly, she’s ready.

    PaulFrancis | Apr 27th, 2015
  56. I sent my package out from my local Post Office on May 14th and I continue to get the message it’s been delayed at the Richmond Va facility. Now I know why..I’m going to make a beeline to my post office and have them get involved.This is outrageous!! Why isn’t someone doing something about this..

    SherylDear | May 19th, 2015
  57. I ordered an incubator on May 3rd, Amazon I started ordering eggs a week later. Big Mistake! It is now May 26th all eggs have arrived incubator supposedly arriving by the 15th is stuck “in transit” from you guessed it…. Richmond Calif. Apparently it is on a boat know one knows when the boat left or when it will arrive. I had an old incubator on hand to cover any batches that arrived early but this is crazy it is now May 26th and no news. Wish me luck and something needs to be done about this postal facility you cannot accept priority or expedited mail on a boat!

    KimberlyB | May 26th, 2015
  58. Having same issue. shipped item on April 28th. as of today May 27th. still stuck in Richmond. what’s even worst is that I payed for insurance, Went to file a claim on-line and it say that I didn’t pay for it. now waiting for them to call me back…

    Mark K | May 27th, 2015
  59. TRACKING NO. 9461209699938460455946

    My package is stuck in Transit since Sunday, May 24, 2015

    James Gaw | May 29th, 2015
  60. Ordered 16 live fish that should have arrived Thursday, and they are sitting in Richmond right now.

    In transit to destination status, with no change since they got there. Even if they manage to leave there tomorrow, they will not arrive to me until probably Monday. This is my first encounter with that facility, and I have never had problems with any others. The horror stories have me worried.

    Cory Maddox | May 29th, 2015
  61. I mailed a package from Kent, Washington on 5/15/15. It arrived in Richmond on the 17th and I haven’t heard a word about it since. Expected delivery date was 5/28. The contents of the package were extremely important to the recipient and can not be replaced. My local post office can’t help me beyond “it’s on a boat”. What boat takes three weeks from CA to HI? This is totally unacceptable!

    Teri Wilson | Jun 3rd, 2015
  62. I once ordered an external hard drive from Amazon. Package arrived at Richmond facility and sat there for 3 weeks (I live 2 hrs away). I contacted Amazon and they issued a full refund. Two months later, I was at home when USPS dropped off a package with my name on it. I was stumped as I hadn’t ordered anything then, so I went ahead and opened it. Guess what it was? Yep, the external hard drive…delivered 2 months later.

    JRM | Jun 4th, 2015
  63. Sent a package 5/29 from Boston destined for Tahoe, CA got to Richmond 6/3 for some reason it went to Bella Gardens and then Back to Richmond, tracking messages have now stopped and after reading these posts sounds like the package is going to be lost for a while. Ticked off……

    Marilyn Gordon | Jun 6th, 2015
  64. I was estimated to receive two packages on 6/29. Everything up to the point where it reached Richmond was quick. They have now both sat in Richmond since the 6/27, and is now going on to 7/3 and still sitting there according to tracking.

    NS | Jul 2nd, 2015
  65. My small parcel less than 2 lbs reached USPS facility in RICHMOND, CA 94804 on 7/04/2015, after 10 days, the tracking infor stays the same. The delivery is supposed to be July 3rd to the 10th. Now already 14th. What the heck?

    Henry | Jul 14th, 2015
  66. My package left Buffalo, NY June 27 going 3 day priority to Honolulu, HI. It made it to the Richmond Facility July 6th. It is now July 16th and there is no update on IF/WHEN my package will arrive. We did have insurance but the items can not be replaced with money, they have sentimental value…. it has my grandfather’s purple heart. I am saying my prayers that this item does not get lost and arrives to me in tact. I’ve opened a case for this but who knows if that will make a difference.

    Samantha Szafranek | Jul 16th, 2015
  67. I can confirm it is still a problem place. My package has been at the Richmond CA sort facility for 18 days with no movement.

    Nori | Jul 18th, 2015
  68. Stilk happening. I have had a package stuck there since June 29th. What is going on at that pkace?

    Joe | Jul 21st, 2015
  69. The Richmond sorting facility is still causing problems. I’ve had a package stuck there since June 29th (it’s now July 21st). It supposedly left the facility on July 3rd. I have not ever had this kind of problem with the USPS. What is going on at this place?

    Ian | Jul 21st, 2015
  70. Looks like I’m the newest member of the “”USPS Package In Transit, Delayed”” at the Richmond CA. USPS facility. My package has been sitting in the Richmond CA. Facility for over 2 weeks, still not a single update at the USPS Tracking web site ( What’s new ).
    I’m fairly certain that some thug postal employee has sold my expensive guitar that the Ebay seller sooooo crookedly sent my expensive guitar via USPS “Parcel Select”.
    Our Tax dollars at work. The Post Master General can spin this problem with the Richmond CA facility any way that she choose, but the facts are the facts and thousands of customers that never again see their packages after having been to the Richmond CA facility, are 100% proof positive that the PMG is full of scat!

    John S. | Aug 10th, 2015
  71. Definitely still a black hole. I’ve been shipping packages from my 2 Etsy stores for 2 years now and this has never happened before…apparently nothing has ever ended up Richmond, CA. A priority package ended up there on the 11th and today is the 17th and it’s still there..>WTF??? It should’ve been delivered in TWO days to my customer. I’m extremely pissed off and so is my customer as the item was a birthday gift for a friend who was in town visiting and that friend had to leave without her gift. This place needs to be closed because there are a bunch of idiots working there…and here I thought the Gary, IN postal service was bad 🙁

    Trisha | Aug 17th, 2015
  72. All I can say is pray that none of your packages that you ship have to go through the Richmond facility. I shipped a package to Hawaii. went to Richmond, a week in a half later it was shipped back to me. reshipped and a month an a half later was received in Hawaii.

    Carol S. | Aug 17th, 2015
  73. I had a package shipped to me it went to the Richmond office and they sent it to Bell Gardens, CA down towards LA. They should have sent it to Sacramento. It was supposed to be delivered Monday, and now it is Wed and it has gone to another post office that has a bad reputation, grrrr Now delivery date is unknown. Crappy Crappy service.

    Elsie Roach | Aug 26th, 2015
  74. I cannot find my package. It has not moved in tracking for over a month.
    It’s stuck in the Richmond CA facility. Online comments refer to this place as a nightmare and tell me that I should give up because if it’s lost in Richmond it’s lost forever. I have communicated with 2 people at least and no one has been able to give me any details. HOW does something just go missing? It was forwarded from my address in Eugene, OR to my new address 3 miles away. To do this it went to Federal Way WA and then for reasons unknown, it went to Richmond. Look at the tracking. It’s absurd the trip this box took before apparently dying alone under a truck tire in California. What happened to it? Seriously?

    Kari | Aug 31st, 2015
  75. I lived in Hawaii for 3 years and now live in Korea. I get a lot of packages from amazon and ebay and whenever I see that the package is in Richmond a sense of dread washes over me. I know I’m not going to see the package for another 4 weeks. I’m still waiting on ebay packages from 4 weeks ago and have since received other USPS mail that I ordered a week ago! A week! to Korea via USPS that did not go through Richmond. Richmond, please let my packages go.

    Andrew | Sep 15th, 2015
  76. for the third time my mail is stuck again there at Richmond ca. it’s now overdue for two weeks! for God’s sake get a better management for that place, if not just shut it close! I had ordered stuffs from ebay on Chinese vendors and their mail gets in my house faster than how Richmond holds them. I just can’t understand why it takes 8-damn weeks to receive a mail from that facility. it is simply unacceptable.

    ed | Sep 18th, 2015
  77. We can vent our madness, but I don’t see that anything will change, the way this facility will runs. Just pray that the packages you have to ship never have to go through Richmond facility.

    Carol S. | Sep 19th, 2015
  78. If the USPS response is, “As with other large highly mechanized processing facilities, despite our best efforts, we experience a small percentage of package service failures. It is something we are aware of and working diligently to minimize any service failures”, why are there so many complaints?! Count me as another in the long list of complainers! My packages were all stuck, one package still stuck since Sept 16…it’s Oct 4 and I placed my order on Sept 4!!!! I literally received shipment from China way faster! Unacceptable!

    Corri F | Oct 4th, 2015
  79. I have sent 24 packages. The first three on September 22, 2015. One of them went through Chicago and made it to my husband a week later. The other two that I sent that same day went to Richmond, VA and haven’t moved there since September 27, 2015. I’ve been tracking all of my packages, and out of the 24, only two have arrived. The rest are lost in that hellhole they call a USPS sorting facility.

    I’ve already opened up a claim on the packages and I am nervous about the rest of them especially after reading the reviews this place has gotten.

    Kenzie D | Oct 6th, 2015
  80. There is probably a store in Richmond, CA where “stuff” shows up for sale. Piss poor postal employees! If anything is going outside the continental US, and happens to go thru Richmond, a majority of the time, it goes on the slow boat. I filed a lost package once and that was the answer I got back from USPS. Everywhere else I have had things shipped from, no problem. But EVERYTHING that I have ordered and it went thru Richmond, went by ship. I’m at an APO AP address. Richmond USPS sucks!

    T Hartley | Oct 19th, 2015
  81. My package 9405511898649822476062 was ordered, processed, and shipped all fine on its way from Texas to Mississippi. Not that far at all. Well I tracked it the whole way and it was right on schedule, but after arriving in the Jackson, MS facility, for some odd reason USPS sends it on an express route all the way to where? You guessed it RICHMOND,CA and why do they do this. Well, I would like to tell you but the people at my local post office were just as confused as I am. So Please USPS give me a good reason why a package that was 3 hours from its destination is now all the way on the West Coast. At a facility that has a known reputation for consuming people’s parcels with no chance for them to leave.

    Neil | Oct 23rd, 2015
  82. If you have ever been to Richmond you would understand..

    Ken | Oct 28th, 2015
  83. On November 12 2015, I mailed two similar items to Hawaii. Both items were Media Mail.
    The first one, 12.1 ounces, was to Honolulu (O’ahu).
    The second one, 2 lb 9.9 ounces, was to Haiku (Maui).

    Both had tracking numbers.

    Both items were tracked into the Richmond, CA facility on November 17, 2015, at 10:17 am.
    The first item continued, tracked departing Richmond on November 19 2015 at 02:29am and eventually arrived Honolulu on November 29, and was delivered on November 30 at 10:18am

    The second item is still shown as being in Richmond facility, “currently in transit to the destination”.

    From what I have read here and elsewhere, one probable factor working against the Haiku item was its weight. An additional factor might be that it is going to Maui, but I’m not sure. The questions in my mind are “Do items for Maui ship differently than O’ahu? Are they shipped direct to the island?”

    As of today, December 7th 2015, there’s still nothing to do but wait. Normally I would contact the place where it was tracked in, but not out, but after reading about the problems at Richmond I’m disinclined to do that.

    My husband worked for some considerable time for a foreign postal service, and was involved in many aspects of the distribution of mail from local to national level. He is amazed at some of the stories that he has heard about the way the USPS deals with mail distribution despite that it should be an essentially straightforward process. This, he says, is beyond belief until you realize that human beings are involved and might be (apparently) mismanaged.

    Mari | Dec 7th, 2015
  84. They really need to do an inspection of the facility.. UPS often transfer packages here for USPS APO military shipping and they get stuck here for weeks and weeks. There is no excuse. Every time I have a package that is significantly delayed and I look up the tracking details it always says Richmond CA. Terrible Terrible. There must be something very wrong going on here.

    DS | Dec 14th, 2015
  85. Ordered my brother’s x-mas gift on 11/28/2015 thinking I was early & didn’t need to expedite the shipping. It was one of the first gifts I’ve ordered through Amazon & I still haven’t receive it to today & it’s the only one left I’m anxiously waiting for because I finally get to get him a gift he likes….. Reading the responses on here makes me lose hope of ever receiving my package. Called USPS & they tell me it’s being shipped on a boat so it may take longer!! How much longer?! Can’t believe nothing has been done about this issue knowing all the disappointments from customers or loved ones are left with no gift because package is stuck at the facility sitting there while no one cares!! USPS literally sucks big time!! I’ve noticed the only dependable on time or even arrives early before expected date is FedEx. Maybe they should train with them on how things are done. I have ordered things that shows it was coming from China & received them already!! Sheesh!! Richmond needs to get with program or USPS really need to do something about it…news travels fast & people don’t like being disappointed so they will go with a place that won’t disappoint them…FedEx ROCKs!!

    Lorna | Dec 15th, 2015
  86. ADD ME TO THE LIST OF AGGRAVATED RICHMOND, CALI, USPS!! Sent package from Phoenix to Kona standard mail with tracking December 7. Was told would take 7-10 days which was fine but watched in horror as package sat in Richmond facility from December 10 to the 22. What’s up with that? Why would it even route that direction from Phoenix? It makes no sense.

    Stacy | Dec 20th, 2015
  87. Sent two packages from Sacramento to FL on the 14th. Arrival est. to be 21st. Both going to the same place; both left the same place at the same time. One routed through Richmond where it sat for 8 days before being routed through the next black hole known as Bell Gardens where, three days later, it still sits. The other package went to Sarasota Fl and although delayed two days, was delivered. I am holding no hope for the second package. I was lucky to escape the Richmond black hole…what are the odds it will actually escape the Bell Gardens black hole…just hoping it gets out of California. Daughters first Christmas away from her family and she won’t even get her gifts. Super pissed.

    Kelly | Dec 23rd, 2015
  88. Another woeful tale about the Richmond sorting facility. I ordered a package on 12/20 that was due to arrive between 12/24 and 12/31. I checked the tracking on my package yesterday. It “left” Richmond @ 1:30 AM on the 23rd. I work in Richmond about a 5 minute drive from the facility. I have now driven from my home to Richmond and back TWICE since my package supposedly left and still haven’t received it. WTF! Get it together!

    John | Dec 24th, 2015
  89. My package was mailed November 30 2015 still at Richmond CA. Now its December 26 2015 where is my package its a Christmas gift for my son. WTF! Am I getting my package next year or am I never going to get????????????????????

    budemero | Dec 25th, 2015
  90. My package was sent December 17, 2015. It shows stuck in Richmond, CA since December 21, 2015. It was to be delivered December 30, 2015. Just need reassurance it is just a delay. I would greatly appreciate assistance with this. Thank you.

    Sharon | Jan 6th, 2016
  91. Ordered important circuit board for my business from China and it got to Richmond fast, but now has been sitting there for weeks. I live about an hour from Richmond, this is insane, I have ordered another board and paid for it, and I hope this one isn’t lost also.

    Scott | Jan 8th, 2016
  92. Target has a habit of using a combination of UPS and USPS via Richmond, CA, for shipping packages to Hawaii. This is the third time my package has gone into the black hole of Richmond, CA. Tracking status says it departed there 12 days ago. Where the hell is it???!!! Shippers need to boycott this USPS non-service until transformational improvements are made and guaranteed. There are hundreds of complaints and horror stories on the Internet and the numbers just continue to grow. What a failure!

    Ted | Jan 20th, 2016
  93. I am joining this customer complaint site. I ordered merchandise on 12/29/2015. The merchandise is to assist me with insulating me home during 12 degree weather. The value of my shipment is approximately $300.00. Two shipments arrived at the USPS on 01/09/2016 and the other on 01/11/2016. I called the original shipper and they stated the Richmond, California APO facility will not attempt delivery until 02/29/2016. This is the treatment that people receive at their overseas assignments. Wow! Such a patriotic gesture. NOT!!!!! I agree with Scott’s posting on 01/08/2016, “Shippers need to boycott this USPS non-service until transformational improvements are made and guaranteed. There are hundreds of complaints and horror stories on the Internet and the numbers just continue to grow. What a failure!”

    Karen | Jan 22nd, 2016
  94. A 21 lb box is still sitting at this facility since the 15th of dec. One left on the 10th of dec and finally made it to it’s destination on the 15th of January..From now on I’ll just do cash for the holidays to avoid these idiots

    Kris Tee | Jan 22nd, 2016
  95. My husband brought three packages to Montrose Heights branch. None were scanned upon receipt. One package appeared in the system the next day. Tracking said it was scanned upon leaving Sandston Sorting Facility. The other two packages are lost. No supervisors cared to help. We were told the packages would surface eventually. Nice response!!! Trying to reach Consumer Affairs in Richmond but they won’t help even though that is part of their job. If I treated my customers this way, I would be out of business in a heartbeat. Continuous problems since 2014. I have never seen such a LAZY group of morons. This is not rocket science!! Do your job people.

    Diana Hawley | Jan 27th, 2016
  96. I mailed a media parcel from Virginia to an eBay customer in Guam on January 13, 2016, with tracking number 9449009699939605452084. It arrived at the Richmond, California post office facility on January 15th. My customer’s package has been sitting there for three weeks (today is February 8th). The last time I sent a package to a customer in Guam, three months ago, the package went through the Richmond facility and did not arrive in Guam for over a month and a half. Does the USPS hire employees who read English in California?

    Anthony | Feb 8th, 2016
  97. Diana, go to city-data.com and look at the demographics of the people who live (and presumably work) in Richmond and Bell Gardens. There need to be higher standards for hiring.

    Julie | Mar 3rd, 2016
  98. Richmond usps ca 94804 the worst branch os usps …if you have a package 100% ,you wont recieve your package

    Greg sevilla | Apr 5th, 2016
  99. I had a package coming from my son on February 24 2016 it is now April 5 2016 it was coming from Korea apo ap with personal items…tracking says it went to Richmond ca then to bells garden left bells garden the same day and back to Richmond ca which they received on march 9 2016 and now all it says out to destination….right…no information from there..why don’t they get some people in at the usps in bells garden & Richmond sorting facilities to get these places straighten out and get up to standards…(so many complaints)sad…my tracking # 9114999944238085090167

    Vicky | Apr 5th, 2016
  100. This is still happening even in the office of Lakeside Dr, I had packages delivered from other people( Total cost of this items $400) I have to call the company and USPS going back and forth so the items can get picked up, I finally had to get a ride from friend too the office so they can send it back to the company but USPS send it back to the sender( who purchased the items). My packages that I order went to the building across from me and they to have said that they have packages missing and gotten other people mail also. Something in the system is wrong or they have lazy people working there, When you have work that needs to be done you have to wait a week or more because of the mistakes this office are doing.. I have to adjust the time frames for my work to be done just to make sure I get my packages.. I already had to turn down some job because of this.

    Zuleyma Castillo | Apr 13th, 2016
  101. I ordered an item like 3 or 4 weeks ago and it still haven’t left your facility! This is bull!

    Colleen | Apr 19th, 2016
  102. So I was supposed to receive my package on May 20, 2016. It arrive at Richmond, CA on the 20th. It’s now May 25th, 2016 and it’s still there! WTF is going on? Please get it together ffs!!! SO ANGRY!!!

    Vinson Nana | May 25th, 2016
  103. June 14 2016 I to have a complaint since I paid Shepler to ship it with in 5-7 business days . UPS drop it at Richmond USPS. My package did not arrive until one month later it just arrived from Richmond to my local post office. I will get a refund from Shepler’s. The package arrived at Richmond on May 24 2016 it says it departed UPSP on May 24 2016 it was in transit. I almost could memorize that long tracking number since I keep tracking the packages as it was still in transit only today did it say its at my local post office. The package needs to be deliver by the post office.

    Mary Kato | Jun 15th, 2016
  104. Ordered May 17, Shipped to Richmond May 18, set for delivery May 23 — Still no package ONE month later. There is minimal, unhelpful service when calling Richmond (and what is the right number anyway? They gave me two disconnected numbers to try besides and offered no further help.) and certainly no good advocate in the US postal service. What can I do? The postal service has no conscience.

    Christian Christiansen | Jun 21st, 2016
  105. Horrible, horrible, horrible! Yes, I’m in Hawaii and I expect things to take a little longer, but most times I get my packages within 4 days IF it doesn’t go to Richmond, CA. If it goes there, it takes over a month. Ridiculous! I wish there was a way to avoid that stop.

    Jimely Mundon | Jun 25th, 2016
  106. […] USPS responds to complaints about Richmond sorting facility […]

    pingback Two upcoming opportunities to learn and play chess for free in Richmond – Richmond Standard | Quick & Fast Sports News | Aug 3rd, 2016
  107. I know what ppl are saying to be true.
    This is 8/2016 and things seem better now.
    I just moved to Richmond, Ca from San Pablo. I had a few bad experiences with Richmond Sorting Facility last year.
    I had a package sent from NYC. The tracking updated often and traveled smoothly to Ca.
    Things began falling apart on its way to the Lakeshore San Pablo postoffice. This is how it went. Scanned in San Francisco, Oakland, Richmond, Richmond, Elsobrante, Richmond, Richmond, Berkeley, Oakland, Oakland, San Francisco, Oakland, San Francisco, San Francisco, Oakland, Oakland, Oakland, Berkeley, Richmond, Oakland, Richmond, Richmond, Richmond, SanPablo. WTF. I think they hire crack heads from Oct- Feb I was pissed & refused it when they tried delivering.
    I was thinking damn they must be trying to find an xray machine or something. It was only a big roll of window tint. Something was fishy about that.
    Another small envelope contained fuses I bought on eBay. It traveled similar but ended up tracking it to a building off of harbor way rear the marina in Richmond. I pulled it up on the Google map. It sat there for 4 days. I told my postman they were screwing around with packages coming to my San Pablo address. A couple days later he brought to me. I refused it.
    I hated when my packages passed through Richmond.
    I sell on eBay now. I have packages coming & going.
    I started giving my mail carriers Xmas gifts, Father’s Day gifts & asked their BDay & gave small gifts & cards. All packages became a priority.
    Now I just moved to Richmond near the civic center 4 months ago. That Richmond Sorting Facility handles all my mail. It was messed up at first. Id schedule next day pickup online & no one came.
    I have gotten to know my mail carrier & the supervisors now. If a package is scheduled for delivery I’m on them its out for delivery but not delivered. Some packages will fit in my mailbox.
    I’m going to give my mail carrier & the supervisors Xmas cards & gift cards. Just to show my appreciation for the hard work they do. I know personally many days they work long hrs because its only a couple/ few trying to get the local mail out first.
    I feel they should hire knowledgeable workers to hustle out packages that has been sitting or buried.
    They need to get all caught up before ppl start shipping for the holidays.
    I agree packages often get shuffled around. They need to be sealed tightly. Use clear tape over shipping & return address not tracking. Make sure what ur shipping is also placed in a plastic bag in case it travels through bad weather.
    A lot of packages fall apart during shipping. Mainly because lack of tape or to heavy for what ur using to ship.
    All those things found goes into a bin.
    They’re not going to try & figure out what goes where.
    Just be sure to tape up good & write clearly. Print out ur own address label if u have a wireless printer.
    Maybe I can volunteer my weekends to help & see what’s really going on first hand.
    Good luck to all.
    If ur package gets stuck in Richmond send me ur tracking number to elizmaybgriffin2@gmail.com. I’ll go there and help locate ur package if possible.

    Liz | Aug 19th, 2016
  108. I live in Hawaii on the Big Island and thanks to Amazon, Ebay and other internet sellers I receive a lot of packages. So I am familiar with the dreaded USPS tracking status of received at Richmond. This endless status is frustrating. But it is understandable.

    Back in the day I worked in both Richmond and Oakland, not for USPS, but for Hawaiian shipping companies. I dealt with USPS officials for their shipments to Hawaii. They were a capable group and dedicated but in reality a small volume customer to a carrier, which means lower priority.

    Packages arrive at the Richmond facility and tracking is usually updated. Then it is stuffed into a container if it and labour are available. Containers must be ordered from the vessel operator ahead of time and I don’t know how they anticipate varying package volumes and therefore to pre-order adequate containers. Even if 2 packages arrive at the same time they may be put into different containers. How long it takes to fill a container is an unknown variable time period dependent on number of packages and package size.

    After container is full it moves out of USPS control into the private sector until again in USPS control upon arrival at Honolulu or another island PO. This is the black hole. The USPS could update loaded to container status, but that would only move the back hole a very little. Otherwise there is no tracking info from Richmond to arrival.

    Time and info at this point is not directly under USPS control.

    Black hole variables

    Obtain truckers and containers from port
    Volume of packages, labor and time to fill container
    Booking of space on vessel
    Vessel schedule
    Loading to vessel
    Weather in route
    Vessel discharge
    Trucking to local PO
    Unload container and tracking updated of package local received

    Some of these time elements could be somewhat optimized by USPS, others not at all. Ports and trucking companies only work set hours. Vessels only sail once or twice a week and cargo cannot be sent at the last minute. Cargo must be booked ahead of time. Many times vessels are full and bookings are not available for earliest vessels. Longshoreman unions can have work slowdowns or stoppages. Larger shippers can force smaller shipper’s containers to next vessel if space at a premium. Weather can cause significant delays. If package is for outer islands but received through Honolulu the barge only sails once or twice a week.

    This can give an idea of why the black hole can be so variable.

    If I want a fast shipment, we need to use USP, FEDEX, or Priority Mail for air freight, sea (ground) freight won’t do. The cost can be much more.

    Tom | Sep 7th, 2016
  109. No excuse for a delivery destination that’s less than 30 miles from Richmond…unless they use shipping containers to get across the Bay to San Francisco. Never received my Priority Mail package from a couple of years ago after it was tracked to Richmond.

    Danny | Sep 8th, 2016
  110. Thank you Tom, I now can understand the reason for the Black hole. but still very upsetting.

    Carol | Sep 8th, 2016
  111. All of my personal mail is being sent to Richmond first before it is delivered to me in Norfolk. I. E. A couple of days ago, I had a church member send me something from their home in Norfolk and guess what, it was sent waaaayyyy to Richmond first, 2 hours away, then back to Norfolk to me.
    2 overseas packages have been stolen, kept, and not given to me since living in Norfolk, VA for 5 years. Bank statements and other personal items have been delivered to me opened for 5 years!
    I complained, reported, testified, you name I did everything except for assassination prior to see why USPS was tampering, stealing, and hiding my mail. Only to get I’m sorry, we will call you, we will do this, we can’t do anything, phone customer service was extremely ghetto, some local workers where honest and simply said it was above their heads what has been happening to me and my personal tampered and stolen mail, and agreed it may have been stolen but have no proof who and why.
    I even went as far as reporting to law enforcement, and the inspectior general. They did nothing of course, I mean nothing.
    Bottom line, unless you act a fool and go POSTAL, nothing will be done about your tampered with, delayed, and stolen mail, especially if you are a regular middle or lower class human.
    In my case, I know that my mail was a target, and was being held, kept, and lost on purpose because of who I am, or perhaps false reports about me.
    So I left it alone and will let fate deal with whomever is responsible for stressing me out all these years over my mail and money I’ve lost ordering packages and returning items only for me not recieve, or the sender not receiving.
    I’m sure there are thousands of people in my shoes, who have the exact same issues. Anyone, please let me

    Queen Snuda | Sep 10th, 2016
  112. This facility is by FAR THE WORST EVER! I’ve had multiple package show up WEEKS late and ALL have been processed through the Richmond facility. This has NOT happened anywhere else. Lemm just say this:….. I’ve had packages from CHINA arrive faster ordered about the same time. What does THAT tell you?!?!?!

    PissedoffIslanders | Sep 28th, 2016
  113. My sister in law sent her daughter’s WEDDING DRESS from AZ to Maui on 9/21- it was received in the Richmond facility on 9/23 with an expected delivery date of 10/5- as of today 10/7 the dress has not arrived. We are NOW being informed that it may take 4- 6 weeks. My niece is getting married a week from today- you can imagine the stress and sadness this young lady is enduring at the loss of her DREAM wedding dress. My sister in law had previously sent a package to her daughter and it arrived no problem so she felt safe sending the dress- at a cost of $70! the same way. How utterly disappointing. My niece is now scrambling to find another dress but her wedding day is not what she dreamed it would be. So disappointing.

    Theresa Lopez | Oct 7th, 2016

    Theresa Lopez | Oct 10th, 2016

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