Richmond adoption center says puppy was stolen

Richmond adoption center says adorable 9-week-old puppy that was stolen has been found.
Jaime, a 9-week-old puppy, has been returned to The Milo Foundation after being stolen late last month.
Richmond adoption center says puppy was stolen last weekend

A 9-week-old puppy was reportedly stolen from a Richmond adoption center last weekend.

The Poodle/Retriever mix named Jamie was swiped Saturday from The Milo Foundation on S. Garrard Boulevard.

The theft happened during a busy period at the center, adoption counselor Amanda Davis said.

“We had a Puppy Palooza going on while we had girl scouts selling cookies,” Davis said.

Jamie and two other puppies were by themselves in a separate area, Davis said, as all three had colds and had been taking medication to avoid pneumonia. At some point Jamie went missing. Staffers discovered she’d been stolen after finding her torn-off nametag at a nearby dog park, Davis said.

There has been a possible break in the case. A woman in Guerneville contacted The Milo Foundation after spotting a woman with a similar dog inside a local Laundromat. The woman snapped a photo of the dog and asked the other woman where she got the pooch.

The other woman responded that she got the puppy from “far away,” Davis said.

“It looks like her, but it’s not the best photo so it’s hard to tell,” Davis added.

On Thursday, The Milo Foundation arranged to have missing dog fliers posted around Guerneville.

The center is worried about Jamie’s cold and also noted the dog has not been fixed.

Anyone with information on Jamie’s whereabouts are encouraged to call (510) 900-2275.