25 Richmond high schoolers to get summer scholarships

Kyra Worthy, executive director of For Richmond

The nonprofit For Richmond revealed on its blog today it will provide scholarships to 25 high school students in Richmond for summer programs on college campuses nationwide.

In the next few months, For Richmond will reach out to students maintaining at least a 2.5 GPA and will encourage them to apply for the scholarship, which is part of an effort to make “higher education a reality for students in Richmond.”

Students will be able to attend summer programs at Morehouse College (Atlanta), Spelman College (Atlanta), University of New Mexico, Tennessee State University and Fisk University (Nashville).

The available summer programs cover a variety of subject matters such as “a focus on nuclear materials and space sciences to transportation policy to general pre-college preparation.”

“By helping Richmond students attend these summer programs, we’re building relationships with colleges and universities and setting the tone that Richmond students are part of a college-bound culture,” said For Richmond’s Fernando Ramirez. “Those relationships are important when the kids come back and tell their friends, brothers and sisters about the experience, and even more want to go next year.”