Dominique Romero, 19, determined to walk again

Dominique Romero and her brother, Chris Solis.

The West County Times gave us this hopeful update today on Dominique Romero, the 19-year-old Richmond resident who was paralyzed after being shot by a stray bullet that entered her home last year.

Romero was sitting on the couch of her Waller Avenue home on Dec. 14 when a bullet punched through the wall of her home, traveled through her arm and then became lodged in her spinal canal, according to police and her brother Chris Solis.

As many as nine shots were reportedly fired outside, and police are still hunting for the shooter.

While doctors told her she will never walk again,Romero told the West County Times that she will prove them wrong. The newspaper reported:

“Less than two weeks after she was shot, Romero started moving her left leg. Now, she can fully extend that leg and can raise her right thigh slightly while sitting in a wheelchair.”

The Times added that Romero hopes to walk with leg braces and a walker before year’s end.

Meanwhile, members of the community are encouraged to donate to the family’s two online fundraisers, including this one, in order to help Romero pay for her climbing medical expenses.