Why not dock in Richmond, Google barge?

Stockton, rather than Richmond, ends up with scrapped Google barge project

Richmond officials might send a letter to Google inviting the company to dock its famous barge in the Port of Richmond.

The five-story barge, currently idled at Treasure Island, gained fame last year after it was spotted by a CNET.com reporter, leading to speculation about its purpose.

Eventually Google quashed the rumors by stating the barge would be an “interactive space where people can learn about new technology.”

Construction on the barge was halted, however, after it was discovered that Google lacked the necessary permits to build at Treasure Island.

The Port of Richmond could be a viable option, according to Richmond Vice Mayor Jovanka Beckles and Councilman Tom Butt, who want City Council to direct city staff to draft a letter to Google.

However, Butt says, Richmond would have to apply for the same construction permits that are lacking at Treasure Island, and if said permits are possible, it would take a minimum of 90 to 120 days to obtain them.

The Council is scheduled to discuss the possibilities at Tuesday’s Council meeting.