Detective’s love of motorcycles leads to racer bust

Keith "Fastman" Randle, who was recently arrested by Richmond police in what has become a federal theft case, posted this image on his Facebook page.

A Richmond police detective’s love for motorcycle racing reportedly helped him crack a significant theft case last month that led to the arrest of an American Federation of Motorcycles racer.

On Tuesday, Det. Cedric Tagorda  confirmed a January report in about the arrest of motorcycle racer Keith “Fastman” Randle, 26, of Sacramento. A federal investigation is underway and charges are pending, Tagorda said.

While employed in the parts department of a Roseville motorcycle store, Randle allegedly used dozens of credit card profiles from customers to place orders at other motorcycle retailers, including LeoVince USA in Richmond. On his Facebook page, Randle  lists his hometown as Richmond.

The products Randle reportedly purchased were picked up by an associate or shipped to an old address or to relatives, Tagorda said.

Tagorda, a track day rider who had worked at motorcycle accessories retailer Cycle Gear before becoming a cop, said he knows the people at LeoVince USA well and was tipped off to the theft by employees.

Richmond police arrested Randle Dec. 17 at his Sacramento home, Tagorda said, where stolen tires, parts and credit information were allegedly recovered.