USPS responds to complaints about Richmond sorting facility


Although the US Postal Service says only a small percentage of packages end up lost or delayed at its national distribution center in Richmond, there are many online forums dedicated to fuming about the facility.

A Google search for “Richmond USPS sort facility” yields negative comments from around the world about the large processing center at 2501 Rydin Road.

Between December 2011 and today, dozens of complaints about the facility have been logged in a forum on “Disappeared News,” a website claiming to report news you won’t find in the media. A post Friday morning claimed an eBay customer was furious because of an allegedly delayed package.


“Maybe if you agree to post bail they might let your package out,” one poster wrote. Another added, “I am from Saipan. I ordered chicken eggs. When the package finally reached me – they are already chickens.”

USPS spokesman Augustine Ruiz Jr. told the Standard mistakes do happen, but not often.

Here is his full response:

As with other large highly mechanized processing facilities, despite our best efforts, we experience a small percentage of package service failures. It is something we are aware of and working diligently to minimize any service failures.

To stay on top of service issues with our customers, we review the online sites on a regular basis on what is being reported as a service failure. We have a dedicated staff person who works with customers  and other postal officials to help resolve customer service issues involving the San Francisco Network Distribution Center (NDC).  We’ve upgraded our processing software to ‘flag for capture’ looping or delayed parcels.

We make every effort to educate customers on proper packaging. We educate other postal employees on standard-post service (parcels), especially to offshore destinations. Whenever we suspect mail tampering, we immediately contact the OIG. We continue to be vigilant in looking for ways to improve service to our customers. It is our goal to provide our postal customers the best service possible.