Healthy herring haul off Richmond’s shoreline

Photos by Susan Hubbard, Commodore of Richmond Yacht Club/A fishing boat covered in herring floats off Richmond's shores. The image was captured near the Richmond Yacht Club.

herringseason3The prediction of a healthy herring season this year appears to have come true.

The Richmond Yacht Club posted photos Monday showing the deck of a fishing boat covered in herring nearly a month after the start of the season.

Herring season reportedly began early January and runs through mid-March or until the annual Bay Area quota is met.

Three seasons ago, commercial fishing was banned because there were so few herring. A food shortage and warm ocean currents were theherringseason reported cause, but now the population appears to have replenished. This season’s quota of 3.737 tons in the Bay Area is a nearly 31-percent increase from last year’s 2.854 tons, according to the Contra Costa Times.

“The fisherman I’ve talked to say it’s been good out there,” John Dinwiddie, harbormaster at the Richmond Yacht Club, said Tuesday.
The Richmond Yacht Club was formed in 1932 and  is located at 351 Brickyard Cove Road.