Jan 23, 2013
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For the first time in more than 30 years, Richmond will have a community-driven daily news source dedicated to shining a light on the positive things that are going on in the community. We believe Richmond residents want and deserve more local coverage of the stories that make our unique community a special place.  We have retained a veteran Bay Area reporter with a solid reputation, Mike Aldax, to ensure stories are covered factually, fairly and objectively.

We are constantly looking for ways to engage people in Richmond on issues that are important to the community. We regularly communicate through our corporate website, a monthly newsletter, email blasts and advertise on billboards and in local newspapers. We think it’s good for us to have a conversation with Richmond on important issues, and we also think there are a lot of good stories in this city that don’t get told every day.

The Richmond Standard will cover what community papers are known to cover: breaking news, City Hall, entertainment, food and youth and high school sports. We believe our city’s most exciting athletes, artists and entrepreneurs deserve recognition. We won’t attempt to compete with other news organizations. We want the Richmond Standard to cover stories that other publications don’t have the time or resources to get to.

Community members and groups are encouraged to participate in the Richmond Standard’s coverage by sending information or photos of newsworthy people, places and events to newstips@richmondstandard.com. Our views will be shared only in a special section on the website called Chevron Speaks.

While the Richmond Standard isn’t the first community-driven journalism site that doesn’t rely on advertising revenue, it is among the first to receive seed funding from a major corporation. We believe the website has the potential to blaze the trail for a new model of corporate-sponsored, community-generated news.

There’s not always a lot of shared understanding about what goes on in our community. We believe it’s time for people to come together and help make our great community an even better place to live and work. And that starts with providing Richmond will a daily resource dedicated to covering the stories that make this community a special place.

*Chevron and Chevron Richmond are shorthand for Chevron U.S.A. Inc.’s Richmond Refinery and its other divisions located in Richmond.


  1. I would like to know,what Chevron has in its new plan,that include the community of North Richmond,a lot of homes are way out of date when it comes to New rules and regulations that have been put in place,should it be the land owners who should be liable for the indoor air that we still have to breath,this is important because there are problems that could be resolved,that would improve indoor air quality,like replacing the old single pane windows,I would like to see something concerning this issue addressed, I am a renter and have been for close to 10yr now, the land owners are aware of the problem,but are not willing to act to improve the situation,

    Anita Brokaw | May 28th, 2014